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Regulatory Filings        

California Air Resources Board

California Energy Commission Filings

California ISO Filings and Communications

California Public Utility Commission Filings

CPUC -- CHP Parties Protest to PGE AL4409-E re Confidentiality - final 5-20-14398 KB06-30-2014
CPUC -- CHP Parties Protest to SDGE AL2598-E re Confidentiality - final 5-20-14397 KB06-30-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments on 2012 LTPP Track IV Proposed Decision --- FILED 3-4-14640 KB03-04-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments on 2012 LTPP Track IV Proposed Decision --- FILED 3-4-14640 KB03-04-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments on RPS Procurement Plans -- FINAL 7-2-14142 KB07-07-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments re 2012 LTPP Track 3 Proposed Decision FILED 2-18-14119 KB02-18-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments re ED RA Flexible Capacity Proposal --- FILED 2-24-14135 KB02-24-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments re Joint Reliability Plan -- FILED 2-20-14104 KB02-20-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments re Revised Cost Containment Proposals -- FILED 3-19-141062 KB03-19-2014
CPUC -- IEP Motion re Sequencing Phase 1a and Phase 1b -- FILED 5-20-1492 KB06-30-2014
CPUC -- IEP Prehearing Conference Statement re Natural Gas Corp Pass-Through of GHG Costs -- FILED 4-10-1489 KB04-10-2014
CPUC -- IEP Reply re RA Proposed Decision -- FINAL 6-23-14131 KB06-30-2014
CPUC -- IEP Response to PG&E Petition re PV Program Transfer -- FILED 3-28-14116 KB03-28-2014
IEP Comemnts re RPS Procurement Reform FILED 5-7-14154 KB05-09-2014
IEP Letter to Court re CPUC Request to Depublish -- 4-17-14469 KB04-17-2014
IEP`s Comments on Draft Resolution E-4652 re SCE Station Service Protocol FILED 4-5-14660 KB05-09-2014
IEP`s Comments on Draft Resolution E-4653 re PG&E Station Service Protocol FILED 5-5-14707 KB05-09-2014
Motion of IEP for Modification of LTPP Scoping Memo -- FILED 5-12-1478 KB06-30-2014

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Filings

Other Filings

Regulatory Filings

Utility Generation Procurement

PUC Generation Procurement Proceedings


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