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Regulatory Filings        

California Air Resources Board


California Energy Commission Filings

California ISO Filings and Communications

California Public Utility Commission Filings

CEC -- IEP Comments on 2014 Draft IEPR--FILED 12-8-14215 KB12-31-2014
CEC -- IEP Comments on Draft 2015 IEPR Scoping Order -- FILED 2-5-1586 KB02-05-2015
CEC -- IEP Comments on Proposed CEC Siting Regulations -- FILED 10-24-14199 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- Comments of IEP on Refinements to The Resource Adequacy Program FILED 1-16-15124 KB01-16-2015
CPUC -- Comments of IEP on The Proposed Nine-Point Plan FILED 1-12-15137 KB01-12-2015
CPUC -- IEP Comments on LTPP 2016 Assumptions and Scenarios FILED 1-12-15119 KB01-12-2015
CPUC -- IEP Comments on Proposed Decision re RPS Plans FILED 11-10-14133 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments on Storage PD FILED 10-2-14426 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments on The Energy Division Staff Proposals FILED 1-30-15117 KB01-30-2015
CPUC -- IEP Comments on The Track One Staff Report FILED 10-30-14123 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Comments re RA Workshop and Parties Proposalss FILED 2-27-15111 KB01-30-2015
CPUC -- IEP Comments re RPS Calculatory FILED 12-3-14162 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Motion Requesting Additional Studies -- FILED 10-27-14142 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re RA Proposals FILED 3-11-15103 KB03-18-2015
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re RA Proposals FILED 3-11-15103 KB03-18-2015
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re RPS Calculator FILED 12-22-14137 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re RPS Plans FILED 11-17-14138 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- IEP Response to Draft Resolution E-4686 re CA Flats Solar PV PPA FILED 10-6-14250 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- Late-Filed Response of IEP to SCE Advice 3119-E re Panoche Solar204 KB12-31-2014
CPUC -- LTPP Phase IA Testimony of William A. Monsen on behalf of IEP FILED 12-18-141373 KB12-31-2014

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Filings

Other Filings

Regulatory Filings

Utility Generation Procurement

PUC Generation Procurement Proceedings


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