Our aim is to propose open and fair competition and market opportunities in the power supply industry.

About Us

Independent Energy Producers Association (IEP) is California’s oldest and leading nonprofit trade association, representing the interest of developers and operators of independent energy facilities and independent power marketers. 

IEP members collectively own and operate approximately one-third of California installed generating capacity, which includes renewable products derived from:

Types of Alternative Energy


The term biomass generally really applies to a fuel source rather than a specific generation technology.


Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of two or more forms of useable energy from a single fuel source.


Geothermal energy is renewable heat energy from deep in the earth.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a gaseous fossil fuel consisting primarily of methane...

Small Hydro

Small hydro resources are very much like the larger hydroelectric resources found throughout the country in their use of the kinetic energy found in moving water.

Solar & PV

Both Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic technologies use the sun as their source of power.


Wind power could be considered "indirect solar power", because this resource is created from atmospheric pressure differentials generated by the sun.​

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Our Team


Jan Smutny-Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Smutny-Jones has represented IEP since 1987.  Mr. Smutny-Jones has been a pivotal player in the California restructuring efforts, market reform and global climate change policy.  He has served as Chair of the Governing Board of the California Independent System Operator, and as a member of the Governing Board of the California Power Exchange.  Currently, he is serving as a member of the California Air Resources Board’s Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee for Climate Change. 

Mr. Smutny-Jones is a graduate of Loyola Law School and is a member of the American, California State and Sacramento County Bar Associations.  He did his undergraduate work at California State University, Long Beach, and has a certificate in Environmental Management from the University of Southern California.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Renewable Certification Program “Green-E”. He also serves on the Yolo Basin Foundation.

Jamie Parker
Executive Assistant / Administrator

Jamie Parker has served as the Executive Assistant to Jan Smutny-Jones and Administrator for the Independent Energy Producers Association since August 2010.

Prior to joining IEP, Ms. Parker was the Executive Assistant to Phil Isenberg for 10 years and the Government Relations Administrator for the firms Isenberg/O’Haren Government Relations and Hyde, Miller, Owen & Trost, A Professional Corporation.
Jamie Parker is a graduate of Healds Business College and attended National University, Sacramento City College and Cosumnes River College for Business Administration.

Ms. Parker is married to a retired Sacramento Police Captain. They have one son who is a Police Detective for Elk Grove Police Department.


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